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Cross Docking Services

Our cross docking services provide an innovative solution for companies who are looking to streamline their supply chain and improve efficiency.


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At SSAF Logistics, we offer cross docking services that are tailored to your specific needs. Cross docking is a fast and efficient way to move goods from one transport mode to another without the need for warehousing or storage. This service is ideal for companies that need to move products quickly and efficiently, as it helps to reduce handling time and costs. By utilizing our cross docking services, your company can benefit from improved efficiency, faster delivery times, reduced handling and storage costs and improved customer satisfaction. In fact, studies have shown that cross docking can reduce transit time by up to 75% and reduce inventory carrying costs by up to 50%.


Cross Docking Options

We offer various cross docking options such as vendor cross docking, distributor cross docking, and transportation cross docking.


Vendor cross docking -Vendor cross docking helps to minimize handling, storage and transportation costs, allowing for a more efficient supply chain. This method involves the direct transfer of goods from the vendor to the customer, without the need for warehousing or storage.

Distributor cross docking -Distributor cross docking is a strategy where products are shipped directly from the manufacturer to the distributor and then cross-docked and shipped to the end customer. This reduces handling time and costs and enables companies to respond quickly to changes in demand.

Transportation cross docking -Transportation cross docking is the process of receiving products from various suppliers and consolidating them into a single shipment for delivery. This approach minimizes handling and transportation costs and reduces lead times.

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